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Choosing The Right Photo Editor

How To Choose A Photo Editor When you begin searching the internet for a company or individual to edit (retouch) your photos, you may be overwelmed by all the choices out there. Whatever search engine you choose, you’ll find pages & pages of websites offering services for professional retouching, photo editor, photo restoration, image manipulation, Photoshop work, and […]

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scanning : then

Scanning: Then & Now

Scanning: Then & Now Back in the day (25 years ago), film was king. The digital camera did not exist. Cameras put images on film, and if the goal was to print that image in a magazine or newspaper, big, expensive laser drum scanners “separated” the film image into the four separate color “plates” used […]

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retouching history : Chromacom

The Chromacom

Retouching History: The Chromacom  Here’s a little bit of retouching history: When I first started retouching, which was in ’86, it was on a HELL Chromacom, imported from Germany. It was the very early days of digital retouching and image editing. This was obviously pre-Photoshop, which just celebrated it’s 25 year anniversary. I couldn’t find a […]

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