Please view my two retouching portfolio pages: Business and Pleasure, featuring retouched and original, unedited images.

The images, photos, and advertisements I’ve included in my two portfolio pages are a small yet revealing sampling of the thousands of images and projects I’ve been involved with throughout my professional retouching career. I’ve separated my retouching portfolio images into two distinct groups: the Business page portfolio mostly consists of images I’ve created for advertising agencies, businesses, and their clients. The Pleasure page portfolio is mostly made up of images and photos I’ve retouched and color optimized for individual clients who wanted their personal family photos, corporate head shots, glamour, or beauty shots to be enhanced and improved. You will see original (before) and retouched (after) images within each portfolio page. Each image had it’s own retouching and color requirements, expressed vaguely, or precisely by my client. A very important part of the process is to communicate with the client, and understand what the ultimate goal is for each image/project. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. Because each project is so different from beginning to end, one may have required just a few minutes to improve dramatically, while another required hours and even days of adjustments, alterations, corrections, tweaks, and back and forth changes…….finally ready to publish or print only after the project’s creative director, the ad agencies’ company client, or my individual client was completely satisfied with the results. Only after the retouched image meets or exceeds the client’s expectations is it considered  a success, and I can move on to a new project. Please view my portfolio pages and feel free to contact me regarding anything you see, question, or would like to discuss. My Contact page on this site contains  my email address, phone/text number, and Linkedin profile page contact.

portfolio-combo-(OPT)/retouching portfolio page image

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