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 Photoshop Professional Retoucher

 The way I talk about it, you might think I’ve been a Photoshop professional retoucher my entire lifetime, but you’d be only half right. It’s been half my lifetime. The thing is, I just don’t talk the talk. I can’t look at an image or advertisement without examining closely. I’d put my experience and commitment to my craft up against anyone’s. The fact is, I wasn’t born to retouch. It just organically happened while relocating from Southern California (Santa Monica) to Austin, Texas in the mid ’80s. Before that, I was growing up on the east coast on Long Island, New York. Yes, I’ve lived and played the big three up close and personal, (NY, CA, and TX). Austin is truly home. And this is where I discovered my talent: the ability to get as much out of an image as possible……all while maintaining the integrity and realism of the original. I’ve continued improving my skills ever since. Photo and image retouching using Photoshop is forever changing…. improving, and so am I. Technology will continue to improve, and my clients should always expect the best results possible.

There is of course more to life than retouching, and I pursue my other passions with the same attitude. I should’ve been a chairman of the boards. That’s “boards”, as in snowboard, bodyboard and wakeboard. Since Austin doesn’t have an ocean or a mountain, travel is a big part of my life. I’m lucky to have a great family and friends who share my interests.

Thanks for checking in and taking a look around my website. I hope you like what you see. It’s only a small sample of what I’ve done so far. I hope I get the opportunity to help you with your retouch, color, and scan needs.TS boarder nu 


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