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Pleasure/Personal Retouching

Personal retouching services for your individual & family projects: Although the vast majority of my professional retouching career has been working with advertising agencies and businesses, the past four years as a freelance retoucher has allowed me the opportunity to work with, and for a great number of individuals seeking photo editing help with their personal photos and projects. Often it’s a single image for their Facebook page, LinkedIn profile picture, college graduation head shot, or something similar. I’ve had the “pleasure” (this is another reason these are called pleasure/personal images) of retouching family group shots for holidays, weddings, and a number of other special occasions. What are the chances that everyone in that group shot at the wedding, or that sitting for next year’s xmas card looked their best at that split second the camera’s shutter opened & closed? Somebody is always not thrilled about how he or she looked in that picture. Somebody blinked. Someone got too much sun the day before, etc. I have heard and seen it all. And although retouching, and especially the term Photoshopped often get a bad rap, it’s allowed businesses, and individuals to showcase the best of what they have to offer. Photography alone can’t always show what the eye sees. I’ve witnessed many beautiful sunsets, took a picture, and then was disappointed with the photo. The photo lacked the brilliance I saw through my own lenses (eyes). Retouching (along with color optimization) allows me to re-create what nature created. It’s the same with people. Sometimes the real beauty is there, but needs help being enhanced. My clients tell me their vision and I follow their lead. If suggestions and directions are requested, I’ll gladly give my opinion. It’s always the client that must be totally satisfied with the final image.pleasure - personal retouching


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